IWS FINLAND organizes July 9th - July 14th 2019 the 1. WATERCOLOR Exhibition and Festival in HELSINKI.


Welcome to see, when the invited Masters have the DEMONSTRATIONS in Kaapeli and Oodi (free entrance).

Welcome to paricipate in the WORKSHOPS in Kaapeli 10thJuly -11thJuly.

Find out one new Workshop of SLAWA  PRISCHEDKO on 11th July at 12am-3pm.

And a second Workshop of Ilya Ibryaev on 12th July at 6pm-9pm.


 Please find the videos of artists too.


Slawa Prischedko 11July and Ilya Ibryaev 12thJuly

Please inform us your participation: iwsfinland.class@gmail.com

Slawa Prischedko WORKSHOP 11July at12am-3pm

Ilya Ibryaev 2. workshop 12July at 6pm-9pm